Monday, 23 November 2009

17.Wishes she had stayed in bed this morning

So...hi guys!?How was your weekend?Mine was good,went christmas shopping! I just love it,when its getting dark and cold,when the christmas lights are on......and I feel all independent buying my presents,and drinking hot chocolate at caffe nero.Ahhhh....bliss!

I also love wrapping presents,and this year I was quite proud of them.As you can see I wrapped them in brown paper,with red shiny curling ribbon.The best part are the tags,that though simple,took me forever to make....its all kind of a twist on old fashioned brown paper,mixed with shiny ribbons ect.

And I'll leave you with the above images,which are just me generally messing around with my non-existent phtography skills,and bad camera.Enjoy!


  1. Wow so GROOVY!!!!!!!!!
    it must of taken you all night (I think it did)
    Charlotte ^^

  2. Yeah the wrapping presents took me hours,but it was worth it ^^


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