Sunday, 8 November 2009

8.Wishes her answers were a little more imaginative

So heres a little interview for you all,the questions have been taken from the independent magazine....
MY SECRET LIFE:Sofie Scholten
My parents are.....older than most and generally scary,eccentric,and loving.My mum is dutch,and she helps me a great deal.My dad needs to shave is nose and ear hair,and learn some more manners.
The house/flat I grew up situated in Hull,and really needs to be decorated.After 17 years my parents still havent finished decorating it.However,its full of memories and keeps me warm,and happy(I guess thats what a house is for)
When I was a child I wanted to be......many things.First asspiration in life though was to be a bus driver.I must of really loved buses.
If I could change one thing about myself.....I probably wouldnt.Sure,I'd like to be taller,cleverer,calmer.....but thats not me.
You wouldn't know it but I'm very good at......being independent.
You may not know it but I'm no good at...swimming,and self-discipline.
At night I dream of......crazy obscure things,that have no relation to my life.
What I see when I look in the mirror...that only happens in the mornings.So a redhead,sleep-eyed,almost 15 year old.
My favourite item of clothing......possibly my satchel.Does that count,considering its an
I drive/ride......I walk alot.
My house is....the same as the one I grew up in.
My favourite work of art.......this is were I should insert a intellectual answer.Unfortunatley,I havent explored much artwork,but someday I will.
My favourite saying home too cheesy.There are many beautiful buildings I could list.
A book that changed me......not one singuluar book has ever changed me,but I suppose a variety of books have changed my perception on things,or taught me alot.
Movie heaven......I think you would get a little bored if I listed them all.
The last albulm I bought....was probably pop party when I was about 6.I can never afford albulms.
My secret crush.....russel howard?? nah....if I told you,it wouldnt be a secret.
My greatest regret.....if I spent time regretting things I would be a very unhappy person.
My real-life villian.....time.
The person who really makes me laugh......charlotte ,my brother and mock the week panelists.
The last time I cried....I cant remember,I dont cry easily.I generally just feel pain,whithout tears.
My five year plan....finish the hell-hole that is school with some decent grades,and study something to do with fashion.Then just cross my fingers that things will work out.
Whats the point?.......the end of a pencil.
My life in six-words......daunting,exciting,fashion,friends,stressful,laughing

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