Friday, 6 November 2009

4.Wishes half term could of lasted just a little longer

Have constantly meaning to put something up here over half term,but never got round to it! Time really does seem to fly these days,and I feel like I can never keep up......

So above are a couple of snaps,with me having my own bedroom party.Its one of those things I do when I'm trying to distract myself from the supposed important things like tidying or coursework.We all do it......put some extra loud 80's music on,and just rock out,whilst taking photos of ourselves,swishing our long hair round(or is it just me?anyone else do this?).I cant say they're particularly great photos,I'm not great with the camera.I'm wearing a old cub scout jumper,navy jeans(h+m),brown belt(dads) and a necklace put together with some string,a paperclip,superglue and a old watch face I found.

In the above pictures I'm wearing the same outfit.I saw this briefcase lying on our balcony,and thought it would be fun to use it as a prop.It look very vintage,and I love the combination of the brown and black......darn,if only it was a suitcase(being a briefcase,it has filing compartments),then I could actually use it on holiday.

The above are the only pictures I took in York....which is pretty crazy.Yorks a beautiful place,with tiny shops,cobbled streets,coffee shops.....the perfect place for me and my mum.I saw so many awesome things

One of the things I spotted in York,and have set my heart on for Christmas.Will be so much fun to take to school and see my peers eyes popping.Oh the thought,is already making me smile.

My dad is clearing out a load of stuff,and he found these two little books,and passed them on to me.One is a book about etiquette,first published in 1834! Me and my mum had such a laugh over the stupidness of it all.The second is a small book of old time nautical stickers,which are beautiful and will be covering my art book soon.

Finally just wanted to say happy belated halloween to you all....above is the pumpkin me and my brother carved.

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