Friday, 20 November 2009

16.Wishes she had time for altering clothes

Okay so I know I already wrote a post this evening,but I just decided to do abit of dress up and show you all.....
So I put the decent images together in 1 to show you my ideas

Far left- This is my old scout shirt.I ripped all the badges of it,which made me feel abit sentimental...reminded me of some of the good times I had over 6 years.I cinched it in with the belt,and think this will make a nice simplistic outfit with my navy jeans,and shoes when they arrive! I do like manly dressing it seems,specially large shirts.

Top Middle-This is a velvet tank style top that I found in my mums wardrobe,and with some alterations it could be amazing.Specially if I made it into a crop top,unfortunatley wont be great for the weather at the moment.Will have to ask my mum if I can have it,seen as she never wears it.

Bottom Middle-This is an old vintage dress of my mums,that she used to wear when she was young.She said she would pass it on to me,however it doesnt fit me so will also need altering.I esspecially love the intricate pattern,and the cute shiny buttons.The images really dont do it any justice!

Far right- Once again an item of my mums,that she also said she would give to me.Tried it on,and it took a while but I finally think I've warmed to it.It also could do with some altering on the sleeves to make them tight at the wrist.She said she got it from a designer boutique in Amesterdam,so its quite special.

Anyways,hope I havent bored you all.

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