Saturday, 28 November 2009

21.Wishes she wasnt so easily distracted

So today has been a long but very satisfying day of shop,shop,shopping with mum.I know it sounds like I'm always shopping...but really I dont.

So I got a cream scarf(qs) and cream gloves(H&M) to match.There not the dream gloves I was after,with the gorgeuos brown fur but there a nice simple substitute,that should hopefully keep me cosy throught the winter.

A set of pretty pajamas(ethel austin),that were cheap and cheerful( I happen to be wearing them right this moment,and there very soft)

This pair of adorable toiletry bags,so french/vintage and from TKmaxx.

Below are a couple of outfits,with a new burgundy jumper from Zara.Its not what I had imagined for my new jumper,but it will keep me warm and happy.Let me know in a comment which outfit you think works best!



Also forgot to post my all time favourite christmas song,in post 19.....Enjoy!


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  1. can't say i like the gloves but the pict with ur green jumper onto of your dark red one is so lovley^^
    Charlotte..............(just so u know me no stalker)


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