Sunday, 15 November 2009

12.Wishes this post wasn't so crammed

Okay heres an attempt to mash a couple of things together....

Above is the outfit I wore last weekend.I love the little scarf,with its cute blue pattern.Its also the perfect size to wear as a headscarf.I had my hair in plaits to create waves,but I got fed up with them and took them out to early,which kind of ruined the whole point.

On Thursday I went late night shopping with some friends,and got a little obsessed with the hat in the above pictures.It was from topshop,and was an unfortunate £22.Money really is a cruel thing.I saw alot of other possible christmas presents,but I wont go into them all.
On Saturday,I went shopping with mum in Harrogate,which is another beautiful town.We were searching for my dream brogues,but unfortunatley the only ones we saw were £150.I also came down with flu,so it was all abit of a bummer really.

Today I decided to take a couple of photos of our typewriter.It really is a amazing looking machine,I love all the different parts to it.It does have some sentimental values too,as it was my grandads and my mum says she used to watch him typing in his office,whilst she would help him with packing envelopes.I really love learning about my parents history,and there childhhoods.

Finally,this is what I wore today.I've never worn this outfit.The velvet cardigan is my mums,so its a little baggy....thats why I cinched it in with the belt.Its quite a nice outfit,just a little too black for me.Anyways hope you all had nice weekends.


  1. u should get a close up of the velvet top.
    (very big post)
    i like the first pict of the typing machine very ...... half, well something about it is groovy.
    Nice plaits!!!!

  2. Awwww,thanks for the cmnt :).....most the photos didnt turn out as well as i wanted them to be,argggh,the camera is rubbish! xx

  3. some of these photographs are really great and I love the outfits too!! My blog has pictures of me in various outfits too! I'd love for you to stop by sometime.


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