Friday, 27 November 2009

19.Wishes she had worked out how to post youtube videos earlier

With it being less than a month to christmas,I cant help but start to feel festive.Roll on the christmas songs,baby! So below I thought I would share some of my favourites(I finally worked out how to post youtube videos which really excites me).

Oh Judy,how beautiful you are? I just love the emotion in this clip.

Who can disagree with the 80's? Seriously amazing music.

Its such a shame that I cant find the video of them both singing this together,because its just so lovely.I guess I'll have to do with this slideshow of images instead.

This lady has amazing eyes,and a crazy cool accent.

The original is way better than the most recent one,its just got that 80's flare to it.

Okay,I know its another slideshow but this is my favourite version of the song(Its always reminds me of Home Alone)

One word....classic.

Okay I think I've bored you all with my obsession with youtube,and Christmas songs.Also hope all you people in America are enjoying thanksgiving!

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