Saturday, 7 November 2009

6.Wishes these beauties could be mine

Now I know brown brogues are very cliche for the whole geek chic look,but I am totally dying for some.They will go well with everything in my wardrobe,and will be the great essential winter shoe.The fantasy is to get some real old fashioned ones,in a little shoe shop,that smells of musty sweet leather.Its nice living in a dream world sometimes. I cant seem to find any at a price in the £20 range though,no matter how much time I spend on ebay....argggh!The first image is of an old pair of boots,that I used to love and I'm thinking of going back to wearing them.They have been a little neglected,but I'll try to work them into a outfit,before they get too small.

Another thing on the wishlist is a good wintery jumper,I saw one on the Topshop website(would post a picture,but cant seem to figure it out),but at £35 its a no go zone.Also saw a nice velvet one on American Apparallel site,but they dont do it in a burgundy or cream.The orange/terrecotta one was pretty fetching,but would never suit me.I'll be searching the vintage shops,but I can never find decent vintage knitwear in good condition...its always over-washed and generally grubby.
Wishes to you all

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