Monday, 22 February 2010

91.Wishes to see you soon

I'm going to take a break from blogging for a while.I'm not entirely sure why,and I feel sad writing this but also relieved.I don't the moment, I'm just abit filled up.My head and thoughts,schoolwork ect.I have a lot to focus on.Then again they are probably just excuses,and I don't really have a good reason.I just feel like I need to organise things,clear up some stuff (and I know I sound like a teenage dramatic?!).I'm not going to apologise,but I just hope you guys keep your faith in me as I promise I will be back.This could only last a week.....but I'm thinking it might be longer than that.We'll have to see......" just don't go dying on me!" (okay,that was so lame)


  1. Have a fun break from the blog-o-sphere. :)

  2. take care of yourself-we look forward to seeing you back eventually! :)

  3. I understand how your feeling :(
    I've tagged you in a post for an award!
    Check out my recent post.
    I'll look forward to hearing from you again :)

  4. In your break you should go see Ponyo! I think it just came out in the UK...I'm probably gonna go see it again now that I live here.

    Thanks for the comment btw. Shame that you're taking a break just now cause I'm defo followin ya

  5. Well, I'll miss you! But see you soon I hope!

  6. hi,
    that´s sad,i liked your blog a lot,but when you want to make a break,do it:)
    Hope i´ll see you soon here.
    btw.i´ve added you on facebook,so we can write, name is Sophie Ann on Facebook.

  7. noooooo SOFIE!
    We all will be waiting craving for your posts!!!

  8. Rest, relax and take breath to come stronger. ;)

    We'll be here!

    xx from Madrid,


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