Monday, 15 February 2010

87.Wishes not to miss the train

Hey guys,this is just a short post.Today I went to see "Valentines Day",which was better than I expected (I was anticipating a whole lot of cheasy-ness).It was actually an okay enough movie,plus it was so nice to see a friend that I've really missed. I also bought some trousers at Topshop(using giftcard) in the sale items,for only £5. Considering they were reduced from £35,I thought it was a steel.I'll try showcase them sometime soon.So tommorow I'm going to be up super early for London, Eeeeeeeeeee,whoopity whoop(non intellectual excitement!)


  1. hope u will take some pictures of ur new stuff;) i would like to see Valentines Day as well so its nice to hear it was good...:)

  2. hiaa,
    thank you for commenting back!:)
    Hope you´ll make some photos of your new clothes,i love topshop,it´s the best shop i have ever seen:)
    I like your hair as well:)!and you header is GREAT!
    aand,i read that you like Monty Python´s Holy Grail!I love it,it´s very funny:)

    hope you´ll write me soon


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