Wednesday, 10 February 2010

83.Wishes to fit these all into half term

So half term is looming and most of my closest friends(except one) are leaving me for holiday-ing in snowy places,so my social life will be pretty much down the drain for a whole week.Instead I plan to keep myself busy.....

Eating biscuits but maybe not gravy.

Persuading my dad to let me use his camera,which has way more functions for me to mess around with,hopefully bettering (I know its not a word) my camera skills.

The one friend I have left will be sick of me after the week,as she'll be my only source of a social life.Planning a ton of sleepovers,preferably in tents like these in rooms like these.

Reading fiction, plus tutorials on all sorts and random wikipedias of people(because people are interesting!)

Go to London! Hopefully it wont snow,because that would cause major train delays.

Practise pencil drawing.Actually thats a lie,I think I would rather just spend time doing art in general,not neccessarily in pencil.

Biking and walking=fresh air=clear thoughts=happiness

Piles of Homework.


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  1. ^^
    busy busy busy
    you could also bake lots of yummy food!
    - do yoga
    - watch films
    - ...............
    - ...............
    you will be like so fine, you will be in bliss!


Thank you! My eyes are wide open.
I'll try to reply to you ^.^