Sunday, 7 February 2010

80.Wishes for more ginger beer


I love candles

Essay stuff

Blue biro,my prefered medium for writing and often drawing

Listening to this plus tons of amazing stuff keeps me lively

I was a little obsessed with the light on my speakers

Essay stuff

Life saver tipex

Essay-when held up to the light,you can see the tons of tipex marks

Scruffy Plaits

Sun I woke up to last weekend

Jewelry Fanfair-topshop ring,vintage(mums) hippie ring,random braclets I beaded

The best stuff

Tacky tasty goodness

Just a little summary of the day.I was so happy to get my essay finished,the geek in me hopes for an A,but I have my doubts. Just pleased to get it over and done with,only a week left of school.Had a pretty emotional Friday evening and Saturday but things seem to have turned out alright for now.


  1. Love the beaded bracelets. I think I need to bead myself some bracelets. I don't really have many great ones (though I am hoping for a Tiffany's bracelet for Valentine's Day-we'll see). You'll have to let us know if you get your A! (I too, always hoped for A's; it's not geeky at all, just perfectly reasonable when one is brilliant ;-P)

  2. the messy braids are very cute!! if i had longer hair, i would be all over that trend. :)
    i especially love the first picture (of the hearts). your blog is so great!


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