Monday, 1 February 2010

78.Wishes to sit and read

Aren't these the coolest/cutest? Saw them in a shop the other day and was incredibly tempted to buy them.However,I made the wise decision of not laying out the money as I already have a ton of very good(just not as amazing looking) colouring pencils.I've got a pretty pessimistic outlook on this week,which is filled with homework and deadlines;So an apology in advance for my upcoming absence. Plus I saw tons of amazing blog posts that I would normally comment on,but couldn't as I really really have to focus myself.


  1. Those are pretty cool, but I think I'd be a bit paranoid about getting splinters!

  2. I allways see pencils like that in this shop I pass all the time. Kinda expensive for what they are if you ask me, though they are super prudy.

  3. wow love them!!
    would be a good gift!

  4. haha I used to have these all the time when I was a kid! I absolutely loved them!

  5. so cute! =)


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