Thursday, 11 February 2010

84.Wishes the day hadn't got worse

Cliche,but I felt the need to say something.
And I'm sure many have put it in better words.
I am seriously so shocked and genuinley sad.
Fashion has lost a great genius.


  1. Alexander McQueen... amazing designer. Even Anna Wintour said great things about him :) The fashion world has indeed lost a great man...

  2. still cant believe it really happened! :( so sad, such a big lost!!!
    r. i. p. alexander! we all miss u!

  3. Yeah, hopefully you won't be able to do that much longer, if I stick to tidying it. So sad about Alexander McQueen though, you kinda forget that he's a normal person because of how amazing he is, and then he's gone.

  4. well stated. he will be missed. :(


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