Friday, 5 February 2010

79.Wishes for half term

Weheartit and FFFFound

With the threat of being given a U for my english coursework ("I'm on my last warning"),I am once again pinned to a bleak blogging unfortunatley is not at the top of my priorities.So again my apologies to you guys! I really cannot wait for the half term,the thoughts of it are what keep me going. Lousy post,but hope you like the pictures!
Plus this post is dedicated to my friends little sister( Rebecca) who probably is my youngest reader! Its so adorable!


  1. hello! i'm a new follower & i just wanted to say that the theme for your blog is very clever!! i really enjoy visiting it & i love the pictures you post. :)

  2. Wow, so much inspiration. Love it

  3. ohh the first two pics! and the sixth one! great! loveeee it!

  4. thanks sofie for metioning me!
    from rebecca(proberly the youngest reader)

  5. thanks girlfriend,
    i like these photos too,
    the cotton candy made me hungry haha
    good luck with school i dont know what a U is bc im american... but im guessing its not good so i hope you do well!

  6. These photos are really cute, love the first one so much.

    I hope your English CW turns out okay!

    x x x


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