Wednesday, 17 February 2010

88.Wishes for some mulled wine tea

I'm feeling kind of fresh at the moment,after a morning of feeling shattered after London.It wasn't exactly how I expected-
1.I did not go to Topshop
2.I only purchased 2 items (brownie and blouse)
3.I took barely any photos (non worth posting)
4.I actually didn't really do that much shopping
5.It rained the whole day, which was a downer

However,that said it was still pretty awesome.We visited the Victoria and Albert Musuem,and saw the fashion section.It was really nice to see fashion through the ages,plus I loved the section on future fashions(with pieces made by fashion students).There was a lot of inspiring and interesting stuff to be seen,and the building itself was incredibly impressive.

Afterwards we strolled around till we found the famous department store "Harrods",which again was a impressive/imposing building.There was tons to feast our eyes on,and a whole lot of crazy luxury.Quite a mind blow. I bought a tasty walnut and chocolate brownie,and got chocolate all over my face eating it.

We also walked round Covent Garden,heading into shops and markets,getting lost but still having fun.I bought this top in H & M....

It really is a pretty blouse and was only £10 (plus I used my giftcard,so I didn't pay a thing).I love the colour and the ruffles,I am so pleased with it.

One thing in particular that stood out from my visit,is how fast pace London is (it's true Londoners seem to walk at 100 mile an hour!).I loved the hustle and bustle,plus jumping onto the tube and arriving at your destination in minutes.I know a lot of people often seem to say that they want to escape london,but I couldn't help revel in the speedy atmosphere.However,I can understand those who say " we want to live a simple life in the country,away from the city", I mean I'm sure the London enviroment probably does get tiresome. I just happened to yearn for it!

Finally,an item that is a bit off topic-the trousers I mentioned in my last post,bought in topshop on Monday for only £5.Here are the photos....

I'm having a bit of a dilema over these trousers.I think they are just too baggy,anybody got an honest opinion to give? It would be appreciated.I'm so used to slimmer fit trousers,and these just make me feel a little strange.I am considering altering them,but then I don't really know how(plus I don't have a machine,so it would be a lot of hand stitching).So if you've got some tips/tutorials on how to make them a slimmer fit on the leg,that would be helpful too. All in all its not too much of a major deal seen as they didn't cost me much.
Also just a quick thank you for the recent influx in really nice comments!


  1. that is SO wierd i did the exact same thing yesterday, V&A, Harrods then H&M! The dresses in the fashion part of V&A were amazing, especially that one covered in pearls. x

  2. Um it must have been about 10ish i think, when were you there? x

  3. sad you didn't get to visit topshop but still nice purchases.

    btw I would LOVE it if you checked out my new blog!

  4. i love that top from H&M. I think the trousers are a tad baggy on your slim frame. I wish I knew how to sew or give you tips, but I cannot because I do not know how :( Maybe you could try a mens shirt tucked into them... xx

  5. I also love that white chair!

  6. u look absolutely fab! love ur clothes so much and ur hair (again, I know :D). u r so cute;)

  7. like the trousers, rolled up with brogues or resplendently baggy with heels will be good!

  8. Oh we should have organised a blog meeting! too bad we knew it too late. I love the blouse you bought and about the baggy pants -> roll them up and wear tight shirts above it :). Btw you are really beautiful, ;)


  9. I like the trousers as is. Whenever I'm not totally confident about an article of clothing I just think to myself how I am "working it". Or whatever the trendy way to say that is ;-). Also, love the new blouse.

    AND: LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics on your wall! So cool!!!

  10. hmmmm I like the baggy fit it looks nice with a slim fit top ^^ nice colour too did u take a pict with your hands in the pockets, that would look kwl.
    awwww you didn't go in the amazing, large, beautiful, inspiring Topshop?
    yer I get that when i go to London, I luv i, and the sophistication of taking the tube is so effortless.
    so next time go to china town! it's wonderful.

  11. i love the frill shirt :)


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