Sunday, 14 February 2010

86.Wishes everyone a happy valentines day

Last night I played scrabble with my mum,which then compelled me to make this in the morning.It's my first stop motion movie,and I can't help feeling a little proud.The music is M79-Vampire Weekend, if your interested.Its funny how over an hours work,plus 360 approx photos only make such a short film!
Ps.Only after making this did I realise the special relevance(it only meant something to me) of the words "do you know that I love you", considering its Valentines day! Haha ^^


  1. Happy Valentines day to you! xo ava

  2. hi,you´ve got a great blog:)
    Happy Valentine:)

  3. yur so cute! you mustve been super patient; i rememeber doing this for art class a few years back omg pain !! lol
    happy vday!

  4. Happy valentines, your blog is just too cute xxx


  5. Ahh i love this SO much, clearly all that work was worth it. xx

  6. Happy Valentine's day. Once I tried to made a stop motion movie but it didn't work out I really need to be more patient, so I admire you for that, it's a great video.cute.

  7. Oh, I love it! The most pictures I've ever used in an animated gif was 52, so I admire your work in making such a long video! :)

  8. cute vid ^^
    I liked the end with the k tehe yer i know the amount of picts makes such a small vid.
    keep blogging, bye ^^


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