Tuesday, 9 February 2010

82.Wishes to broaden her collection of tights

Coloured tights I was given for christmas.Should be popping up more in my outfits to brighten them up.However,I think my cream/white tights are still top of my favourite tights.
Today I talked to my art teacher about french movies which was nice.It's nice to talk to an older person,without being frowned on,demanded or treated as inferior.


  1. love colored tights!!! ur legs look so nice!!
    have a nice evening Sofie, xoxo

  2. love these, but you should try some patterned tights too. they are fun :)

  3. haha I just love colored tights!! I think I have 6 or so.. Too bad I live in Hawaii and can't use it so often...

  4. i love your choice of tights, the bright fuschia is a sure-fire hit. nothing brightens up a winter day in quite the same subtle way.



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