Monday, 31 January 2011

251.Wishes for groovy socks

So I saw these insane socks on the vintage stall I bought my jacket from,and really wanted to splash out on these too.They were a hefty £4(I really don't ever spend money on socks,I mean,they are just socks...),and I couldn't really afford them. They sort of reminded me of Tavi for some reason,and also the Richar Niccoll for Fred Perry collection below...

I've seen some job lots of these socks on ebay though for about £5 for 3 pairs,so maybe there is some hope in sight? Who am I kidding,I need a job first,as I've run out of money completley.


  1. Hello whishy lady!
    I was thinking about you and your blog, how are you doing? Hope you're doing well.
    grtz, P. x

  2. Love the socks :) I'm mad about socks haha x

  3. I loved the first dress... Im using something quite similar by lacoste.


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