Friday, 28 January 2011

249.Wishes to let the sun shine

Close to Me-The Cure

Dont you Forget About Me-Simple Minds

Check out my earrings!(bad quality photos) Bought these babies last weekend from a little vintage shop that I'd never visited before. They are really groovy,and they make me feel kind of hippie.They have tacky little hologram suns in them,that change different shades in the sun;Most definatley my best spent £1 ever.


  1. those are super awesome! don't you just love it when you spend almost no money on something & then it MORE than lives up to your expectations?! my awesome purchase like that was back when i was in highschool: i bought a stuffed hammer head shark from a toy store that was going out of business. it talked when you squeeze it (it gave you interesting bits of trivia about hammer head sharks in a really smarmy voice). and i got it for the low low price of $3. my 3-year-old daughter is the proud owner now & she loves it. :)

  2. I am so jealous of these and your vintage shopping savvy!


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