Monday, 17 January 2011

244.Wishes she wasn't so indecisive

I know,my camera needs to burn in hell for playing up like this.

Total Life Forever-Foals
Wooooh, so I made a skirt at the weekend.It's kind of ugly actually.I went to boyes to buy some fabric, couldn't find what I wanted, but got all amazed by a load of other fabric-head spinning at all the sewing ideas. I ended up sort of impulse buying this fabric, because my own indecisiveness was stressing me out and I was having a sort of brainfreeze moment. This was super easy to make (minus the difficulty of working a beautiful,but sort of temperemental machine) so I'm going to experiment with some other fabrics soon-ish. Also been wearing my hair like this a fair amount recently,makes me feel very brother said it makes me look like I'm out of lord of the rings? Interesting interpretations from lucas' wise mind.


  1. Loovely outfit and your hair looks so gorgeous like that. I wish I had your hair, it's so beautiful!

    p.s. I love your tumblr ♥

  2. I actually love the skirt! It goes wonderfully with that button-down.

  3. I think i'm in love,
    you're so beautiful.
    3rd and 5th pictures look oh so sweet and American-Teen?
    Rather beautiful and Elf like. must try this hair style ^^
    5th picture + f***** up camera really work!

  4. Oh come on crazy lady - you look wonderful! Your hair with that plaid and the almost silky denim skirt looks beautiful.
    Maybe there are flaws that the photo didn't capture but regardless it looks very well done and the shape is very feminine.


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