Thursday, 6 January 2011

238.Wishes to keep the lights on

With the whole giving and recieving period, I've discovered two bands that I really like.I gave Charlotte a CD by The Pierces that I bought in the old LP/CD shop as part of her christmas present. It's a pretty cool shop, except it sort of feels a bit like death when you walk in.All dreary, with brown carpets, no actual sign with the name of the shop, and the guy behind the counter seems kind of lonely. Anyways.....


Lights on


I really want to buy their other CD's.I really like all the lyrics,and their eerie voices-really fun for singing along.

Monkey's Trunkle

Only Us

For my birthday Charlotte gave me this really cool CD by Sophie's Pigeons.They are a manchester based group,and are not particularly well known. The CD is really uplifting...makes me want to dance,and even clean(I have no motivation for ever tidying my bedroom).

In other news,I have an English mock tommorow which I'm kind of freaked over.Not sure why seen as it's just a mock...I think it's because English is one of the subjects I really care about doing well in,and always feel like I do crap in the exams. Religious Studies mock was today,complete waste of time.I don't understand why they even teach it anymore.


Thank you! My eyes are wide open.
I'll try to reply to you ^.^