Monday, 24 January 2011

247.Wishes to have spare money

So I watched pretty woman a couple of weeks ago for possibly the tenth time,and actually realised that I like vivians(julia roberts) prostitute outfit.Trashy-ness in a good way. Something about the dress kind of clicked in my head and reminded me of the one Erin Wasson wore to that Chanel reopening party thingy.....

Really rather cool stuff I think.My head keeps wirring with sewing projects that I don't have the skill or time to ever do.damn.Maybe if I had $200+ to spend,I could get the similiar one from american gold below...
American gold have some pretty amazing stuff at the moment,stirring me to go out and get a job. I saw a girl that I new at primary school working in Topshop the other day.She's the same age as me.....envied her position alot.

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