Sunday, 2 January 2011

236.Wishes for many more mags

That is excitement on my face...I just have a weird way of showing it.

So a couple of days ago,a late christmas present arrived for me ordered by my brother.The above beauties;an issue of BFRmag,and an issue of never shut up both made by the lovely Barbara(I think that's her name,I do hope so?). I've been following her blog(linketylink.yeah go read it) for quite a little while now.She makes her own little magazine, and it is super cooool.It was very nice to actually have the zine in my hands,and be able to flick through it,instead of seeing it on the computer screen. All the little drawings,and humourous writings-good stuff.

I've done me a little research on handmade magazines and have found a few that I'd really like to buy,so maybe I'll do that some time soon.I even found an art magazine on etsy that is made by art college students who live in my hometown!And it's only like 99p an issue......
I'm also still pondering over whether to get me a subscription to WORN(I did mention it a while back in a post).Maybe when I get that job I desperatley need,whenever that happens?


  1. That's it!
    this compelling idea will be followed through by me!
    ahhh just had a browse and they look amazing!
    you should totally create your own magazine, with cute little issues of your wishes!

  2. you SHOULD create your own magazine! what a lovely idea :)
    I would like to wish you a wonderful, amazingly, exciting, dreamy 2011, with lots of blogalicious moments and inspiring things :)

    Popp. x

  3. I bet the magazines are amazing!


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