Friday, 14 January 2011

242.Wishes for a cat

Kay, so I was a little bored and I figured no blog is complete without a cat appreciation post.I never realised how many cat related pictures I have on my tumblr,this is only a select few. I am cat obsessed,even though my parents refuse to allow me to have one.I have to survive on stroking stray cats on my way home. I guess you could say I'm an ailurophile. My friend has a joint obsession with me,discovered when she told me she wanted a cat so she could sit and talk to it.I always think it's amusing that one day I might end up like the crazy cat lady off simpsons...

Going to wake up early tommorow,and bike up to boyes to get some bits for the sewing/diy projects that have been filling up my head. I've wrote it down now,so I'm commited to do it.


  1. soo adorable - best post i've ever read! wanna vomit from the cuteness haha xx

  2. ♥ this has given me such a cat craving, I need to go and give mine a cuddle :)
    what's your tumblr by the way? I like the sound of more pictures of cats :D

  3. Aaaaaaw so cute! I love cats!


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