Thursday, 30 December 2010

235.Wishes for freshness

Watched 10 things I hate about you once again last night.Whilst watching the scene when they throw the pamphlets for the party down the stairs,the above song plays...and I was like,oooh this is groovy,I have to get this. Then today I just had my ipod on shuffle,and realised I already had the song,just never listened to it.

I've just been for a walk,and I did quite a bit of thinking.The fresh air felt amazing. Everything looked so wonderful.I climbed through the gap in the fence,on to the back field and saw the horses.The sky was all grey,and hazy.The mud squelched beneath my feet,and everything sort of looked dead.The brambles where sodden from the snow,and all green and brown. The horses were beautiful as usual.

I figured I've got into a bad habit of sort using this blog as a a way to vent bad feelings,and feel sorry for myself. I've kept thinking what a shit year this has been...but really it hasn't. I sort of want to kind of shed this year,and be excited for the next. So yeah,saying hello to 2011 in fresh spirits.


  1. Oh my.
    Didn't you obtain the CD of 'air' from me?
    Also did you know they did the music for the film 'virgin suicides'
    the film based on the book you are reading?
    so many connections.

  2. hey,
    super chuffed you liked the zines and soo sorry for the lateness, was totally lame on my half! I'll have a rumage today and I'll send ya some back copies to the same address next week - cool
    have a terrific new year xx


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