Tuesday, 31 August 2010

181.Wishes to embrace paleness

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Throughout my teenage years I've had insecurities about my pale skin,and have used tinted moisturiser to give me that healthy golden glow in summer. However, everytime I see these huge blown up campaign shots in the topshop stores I feel more okay about my icy skin colour. Now all I need is some deep crimson lipstick,and I'll be grand.
Going to liverpool tommorow,to pick up my dutch half brother. Very excited!
P.S A/W at Topshop has offered many many pieces that I'll never have but will forever want. I think I have a love/hate relationship with the topshop designing team.


  1. I was like that too! I had pale skin and tried many self tanners (they all smell bad!) I've accepted my pale skin a few years ago & I love it :) It's tough to find some foundations that are light enough, but I've found a few that I love :) My blog is named after the fact that I have pale skin, heh.


  2. I have very pale skin too. But im learning to embrace it now & not self tan! :P

  3. The 3 style is my favorite! My skin is white, but I like the way it is, tho with time using sunscreen you can have a tan but healthy skin!



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