Friday, 6 August 2010

173.Wishes you to check out my tumblr!

I got a tumblr!....I thought it was about time to folow the next internet craze. It'll just be a place to keep all my junk,all those photos I store,all those random things. Obviously blogging will continue on here...but you can check out my tumblr at
EDIT:I changed the name

Yeah...I think the name is going to need to be changed.Plus the whole look of it at the moment is pretty ugly,but I'll sort it asap.I'm sure I'll be addicted to tumblr very soon.


  1. hi sofie its becca charlottes sis, i was wondering how do you make a blog and is it free?

  2. hi this is becca again and this p[ic is soooo coooooooooool i used to be obsesssed wiv pickachoo i still am :))


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