Sunday, 1 August 2010

169.Wishes for some colour

image via
Ashish A/W

Stumbled across this somewhere,and thought it was super cool(except the hat....the one thing I kind of dislike).I checked out the rest of the collection,and was kind of dissapointed.Nothing hooked me in a way that this did. I love all the great little details;the odd pinks/blues blended into her mousy hair,the thick woolen socks,the finger less gloves,the tassles on the boots,the tiny sequins in the shorts.Everything just blends so well-just great great styling. Minus the fact that anybody with bare legs,but huge layers on top would not survive in any normal climate.

The photo also got me thinking about key pieces,like those amazing shorts.My wardrobe is basically filled with basics,and plain clothing. I never seem to buy much interesting stuff as I feel it wont work with anything else....hum? I think this needs reconsidering.

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