Wednesday, 25 August 2010

180.Wishes for new music

Currently can't get enough of....

THE LUCKY ONE-au revoir simone

BAD REPUTATION-joan jett and the blackhearts

SALT AIR-chew lips

MY GENERATION-patti smith

NO YOU GIRLS-franz ferdinand

And these songs aren't even on my ipod? It's the worst.I still have shitty kyle minouge on my ipod,but not this.The result-I end up hooked to youtube.


  1. love *salt air* *no you girls* *the lucky one* and plus all on my mobile to listen too, poor you.

    the two other song sound very similar? hum

  2. Joan Jett is just the BEST rock and roll female artist! Love her!

  3. I love this! I really like The Lucky One. Thanks for sahring!



  4. Cool music :) I can't wait for that movie about joan jett to come out!
    How did you get just the audio tracks instead of the whole video btw? I wanted to do something similar on my blog but i'm soo confuzzled by it.


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