Wednesday, 25 August 2010

179.Wishes for wisdom

Just some of the stuff from my tumblr

Today has been really great again.I'm trying to not turn this blog into a place to vent my pessimism,so it's good to start with a statement like "today was great".It actually was.I tidied my room to the extreme,it's nearly all sorted. I also laughed a lot at my childhood diarys,and schoolbooks. In one I wrote "This morning I ate two biscuits.I was nortea" (naughty),oh the nostalgia! I guess it made me realise that my worries now are just average for teenagerdom,and in some years time I'll be able to laugh at these years. I'm not going to tell myself to not feel shit or to be cheerful constantly,or to get over myself anymore because really I've got time to be in a rut. And soon enough I'll be out of the rut.And life really is good.


  1. you will laugh at these years but also miss the chaos and drama at these simple things.
    and I love the picture of the bonfire, secret garden so beautiful.

  2. johnny depp is so dreamy.
    and i love that picture of hole. :)

  3. how "nortee"! haha
    the third photograph is grrreat! xx

  4. You seem to have a lot of the same interests as me, which is how I found you.
    :) I think fishtail braids are simply gorgeous and NO ONE knows how to do one, which makes them all the more amazing!

  5. hello hello goodevening :) I wish I had a coloured braid like that, wow..! And the panterjacket from the first photo from your latest blog is just perfect! I'm looking for one, I see myself already sitting on a bycicle with world's coolest fake fur (ofcourse!) jacket ever.
    Hell yeah. ;)
    grtz. P.x


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