Wednesday, 18 August 2010

177.Wishes for motivation

Ahh,what a lazy blogger I have been? I've had a pretty busy week,I sort of feel overwhelmed. The photos are from my trip to the yorkshire dales over the last weekend,which was everything I could have hoped for.The photo's really deserve to be enlarged,I took some that I was pretty pleased with.

On Monday I went to the beach and got sea clogged hair. but fuck we had fun.
Then last night/today was spent with Charlotte,and again it was amazing.
And now the fact that I'm having all this fun is really make me hate the thought of school and work and the big exam year.
Also I have to get my head down,and get work done so I can enjoy the rest of the holidays in a carefree manner,rather than feeling stressed over homework ect.

I know the blog is turning into a diary at the moment,but I'm just going to let that be.I also realise it's pretty boring to read,but it makes me feel good to report my life somewhere.


Thank you! My eyes are wide open.
I'll try to reply to you ^.^