Wednesday, 4 August 2010

172.Wishes to always be satisfied

Vintage Levi's,Vintage man shoes,vintage belt,mum's vintage jumper,mums vintage ring

Today has been very satisfying,which is suprising. Generally for a day to be good I have to be surrounded by my friends,and going places. For once sticking at home on my own made me fully happy.
I took a early morning bike ride.
I watched back to the future 2.
I ate cookies,apples and necterines.
I drank hot chocolate.
I did textiles homework.
I read.
I helped my mum in the kitchen.
I listened to florence and the machine.
I messed around in the garden and took photos.

That is a suprising list for me.Normally it would include I felt crappy so laid on the carpet,then complained to my brother to do something interesting(like play monopoly),then went to bed feeling unsatisfied. It was a good day.

Plus I like this outift alot,I think it's the huge sleeves in the jumper that do it.I'm not sure how it came to me.I sort of threw it all together,and then realised it was pretty cool. Almost every item I'm wearing is vintage to,which is also new. And I'm wearing that ring on a daily basis,no joke.Love it.


  1. Amazing pics and amazing girl! <3 Love that sweater!

  2. Wow!!! You look amazing. I love the tights and the shorts!!! Stunning!

    Best wishes,


    P.S. By the way, thanks for the request! I just wrote a post for you about unrequited love!!!!!! And I linked to your blog within the post. It's up now!!!

  3. Cool pictures. I guess I can say I am a bit like you; I hate going to bed unsatisfied, it is the worst feeling in the world; you feel as if you have waisted an entire day.
    Oh well, what can you do, right?!
    Oh and I really like your jumper, it look so warm and comfortable.


  4. I love the concept of your blog!! And your so pretty, you should def be a model!! :)

    <3 Kelly


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