Friday, 6 August 2010

174.Wishes to wear this top

The story of a top.....
The photo doesnt really do it justice.

So I saw this top in the Topshop in London,and completley fell in love with it.The huge floaty sleeves,the perfect colour,the detailing,the silkiness and the fact that it looks like it's come straight out of a fairies wardrobe.It's just perfect.Unfortanatley with a price tag of £40(!!!!),I had to accept that I would never get to dance around in the sunshine,feeling amazing wearing this top.

However,Today on a venture into the city centre I saw this exact top in Topshop in the sale,HALF PRICE! Nuts! I couldn't find my size,so went for the next size up.To my utter dissapointment it did not fit well. Sad Face. According to "this item is out of stock". What a complete fail. I feel I have lost all hope.....
It's funny how much losing out on a perfect item saddens me.

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  1. ouch i feel your disappointment but it just wasn't meant to be.. it is gorgeous though!


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