Sunday, 1 August 2010

168.Wishes to run

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Shit,I've been storing far too many images...I mean,I had even more to post but I thought it would be ridiculous to make this post any longer!They're all completly irrelevant to what I'm writing about.....but I dislike pictureless posts.

I had an awesome Thursday and Friday.Thursday was spent with Charlotte,bike riding and then watching back to the future- it's one of her favourites,and I'd never seen it before. It was pretty cool,plus it was made in the 80's which always makes me happy.I like the good music,crazy clothes,and over the topness of it all.

Friday was spent in London.It was my 3rd real visit to London,and this time we checked out Oxford Street. It was really impressive,and the topshop gave me such a mindblow. Seriously one of those WOW moments. We also went fabric shopping,and visited this really cute store called the cloth house.Finally found the fabric I need for my textiles project.

This weekend has flown by too fast.I've just lazed around doing shit all and watching movies,on a withdrawl from all the buzz of the days before. I was super tired, so now I feel refreshed and ready to do stuff again. Real stuff.Like seeing people,eating decently,going places,and being creative.

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