Tuesday, 24 August 2010

178.Wishes for butterflies

Photos taken the other day when me and Charlotte checked out this budliea bush that was swarming with butterflies. It was really beautiful;I guess nature always makes my eyes wide,due to the lack of it in the city.I was showered in butterflies(and one very large dragonfly!) and it was wonderful.I particularly liked the one battered looking white butterfly,its damaged wings appeared so frail but dainty.I as also amazed by the glittering purples in the wings of one butterfly.

Visiting friends who live in tiny villages always gives me a bit of culture shock. The social gap always becomes apparent too. Before going to secondary school (my secondary school is surrounded by villages,and I am one of the few "city kids" that attends) I had quite a closed view. Thoughts of posh,stuck up,rich,close minded people always came to mind.

These days I've become far more tollerant I think,and also opened my eyes more. Not everybody in a village is rich.Not all that are rich are snobbish. Not everyone who is well spoken is stuck up. Some people have proven my theory true, but the majority have not and I think it was quite a childish.How I've grown? hahaha!

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