Sunday, 25 April 2010

120.Wishes tights didn't easily ladder

Today I went exploring on my bike in an area of Hull that I'd never been. I cycled by the river,and past tons of derelict industrial buildings from the times when Hull was a major fishing port.

Climbing these stairs with a bike was not easy.

Ugly but practical.

Wearing-DIY Tights,mums vintage shirt,mums velvet cardigan,charity shop boots, belt-vintage,stud earrings-accesorize ,bag-no idea?

I only quickly put together this outfit this morning,but really like it.I DIY-ed the tights,just by cutting up one pair and then wearing another on top-to get the above effect..they look pretty trashy,but I like them that way.I took my inspiration from...

House of Holland tights and



  1. Thats such a good idea with the tights! I bought the actual Henry Holland tights, not those ones but the ones without the suspender bit, they ripped as soon as I put them on, they were so flimsy it's insane. Now I just wear socks over tights :'(

  2. Hi from Glasgow! Just found your blog. The photos of you are stunning, really beautiful. Love the DIY tights, they look exactly like the HH ones.x

  3. Love your boots! and your hair looks amazing hereee:) xx

  4. This is surely a joke, your pictures are wank!

  5. Hi, the photos are really really nice. You look absolutely beautiful in the 14th picture :) Love it :D xx


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