Sunday, 4 April 2010

109.Wishes for all songs to have awesome lyrics

Rubbish photos... DIY T-Shirt,H & M Jeans,Topshop Ring

"If a double decker bus,
Crashes into us,
To die by your side,
Is such a heavenly way to die.
And if a ten tonne truck,
Kills the both of us,
To die by your side,
Well,the pleasure-the privelege is mine."
The Smiths

Again, a simple outfit but it's nice to get back to basics in just a tee and jeans, with the added fun of black and white nail polish.I haven't worn these jeans in quite a while, and it's a shame.I really do love the slim fit and they're well worn out now, with holes on the knees.I'm definatley considering giving them a re-vamp ala Hanneli Mustaparta on JAK & JIL....



  1. Hello! No problem, I love reading new posts and finding new blogs! Wow, thank you. They are the best! They are so vintage and look lovely paired with dresses! haha '-' I'm a sucker for pokemon! I'll definitely be tuned into your blog, can't wait for future postings. Thanks for checking out my blog as well.. It means a lot to me, that people appreciate it and take the time to look at it! Have a lovely evening and rest of Easter day.. Much love,
    Izzy '-'

  2. your D.I.Y top is amazing :D

  3. wow love the T-shirt! I'm planning on doing a DIY chanel shirt soon too, and I have a whole list of ideas for it. Love the jeans. XX

  4. Oh gosh, I absolutely worship Hanneli. I tried to do that a while ago but my fingers hurt and I ran out of stoods so it resigned as an epic fail!

    PS. I already have the Lola perfume, because I like that bottle better, haha, it takes me literally two years to get through perfumes so I don't reckon I'll be buying another soon!

  5. I totally agree... that chanel diy tee is awesome!!!

  6. I posted your diy shirt in my style blog (and gave your blog photo credit) at check it out and come by and say hi!

  7. I like your DIY Chanel shirt, how'd you do it? Transfer? Looks like you drew directly onto it-which looks cool.

    lacey xx


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