Thursday, 1 April 2010

106.Wishes for a pair of these,please

The other day me and Charlotte were examining the shoes in Topshop,and we found these....

I have definatley picked up on the clog trend,and think these are a great compromise between a full blown clog and sandal.I was pleasantly suprised at the price of £40 considering most heels at Topshop are in the £70 region.However,I ask myself can a wooden sole really be comfortable?

We had a mutual affection towards them,and I'm just hoping she doesn't buy them or I will have to stare in envy at her all summer.I don't want another repeat of last year when we accidently bought the same gladiator sandals!(twin-elepathy.private joke)

So today I spent the day working on English homework,and constantly listening to The Smiths.I cannot believe I didn't discover there music earlier.Complete lyrical geniuses.

In other news,the plans for York tommorow have been scrapped,and moved to Saturday,so tommorow I get another lazy day.I mean...a productive day.I hope!


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  1. Ohhh, these are amazing! I love the open-toed sandal style clogs.


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