Friday, 23 April 2010

118.Wishes to be a little more fierce

Photos like this keep telling me to do something more adventurous with my hair.I am lucky to be ginger,but it's got so much more potential(whithout sounding unbelievably big headed). Recently a blonde fair haired friend of mine was considering dying hers brown/black which I completley disagreed with.There I am telling her to get faded dip dye tips in ice blue and yet I'm too scared to even cut mine.What the butt?


  1. i get like that too. i love the idea of bangs (fringe), but i don't have the patience to commit to their work. this time of year i especially get antsy for a new 'do.
    love the photo. :)

  2. You have awesome hair. I say: go for gusto. Just don't dye it! It is too pretty as is!!

  3. You have the most GORGEOUS hair!! I know how you can get bored with your hair but seriously, I would kill for hair like that :)


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