Thursday, 8 April 2010

112.Wishes to dance in the sunshine

I'm definatley no follower of Mary kate or Ashley's style,but came across this photo and thought it was pretty cool.Shamefully, I don't even know who from I'll just adress them as:

The one on the left-Love the clunky black heels,and the oversized blazer.Plus the rubber bands; I remember the days when us little primary kids were ranked the coolest on how many you rubber band braclets you owned!
The one on the right-Shades,shades,shades! Awesome.


  1. i totally agree. they're kind of hit & miss with their fashion (in my opinion) and i dont know which one is which, but i LOVE the chanel sunglasses on the right. :)

  2. yea the glasses are dope

    i love them,
    also thank you so much for commenting you are so sweet! i know you don't understand the whole scholarships and stuff lol, basically a scholarship is money to pay for college bc we have to actually pay our tution here. Mine is about $6,0000. So i was excited this scholarship is really big so i really wanted it but they gave me a smaller amount of money for school i just don't know how much yet lol.

  4. ahh i meant $6,000 lol i added an extra 0 lol

  5. left is ashley, right ik mk :). I absolutely love those half tints glasses & the heels of ashley. :)
    and haha yeah that's maybe right (that I visit london more often than you) but it has a reason, I really want to study there in 2011 so I'm checking all the universities etc.

    love Birgit

  6. I too cannot tell who from who, but the slight cat eye on the shades to the left is fabulous!

  7. Thanx for commeting back but can you follow me back !


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