Friday, 2 April 2010

107.Wishes for a fairytale

Not sure what it is about this that I like.Could possibly be those awesome vintage style sunglasses,or the random plants.The tiny socks and shoes or the melodic music could also be contenders.
I don't actually really like the clothing....but I could just imagine it on a 50 year old me,living in a withered cottage and still loving quirky fashion.I would have stone walls,wooden floors,antiques,own a volkswagen camper van and wear plaits and flowers in my hair on a daily basis.I think that would make me a very happy woman.Maybe thats my fairytale.

I'm liking this song at the moment...

Even though I've been dancing to this...



  1. Hee Sofie! How are you ?! It's been such a long a go that I posted a comment. You know that your comment made me so happy. Don't exactly know what it was probably because it was really sweet but apart from that it felt like I really missed it or something. Well thank you anyway :) How's everything in the UK, have you visited London lately? I'm maybe going there this summer again, but nothing is sure yet. I'll let you know, if I know a little more.

    Lots of love, Birgit

  2. omg, the lookbook film is lovely!
    All the outfits are stunning en the whole video just rocks!


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