Friday, 2 April 2010

108.Wishes to say fuck once more

I don't know whether its the fact that it's sort of past my bedtime....ish, or what but I just feel really sick.Not sick.... just low.I honestly feel like punching a wall,or just curling up and crying.FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKS SAKE.Okay I did that to prevent my hand from getting mashed up by a wall.How can moods change so suddenly?


  1. you sound depressed...

  2. it's the joy of being a girl. i wish i could tell you that it'll get better as you get older, but that would be a lie. :\
    find things to make you happy (a book/movie/song/person/place) and spend time with them.
    or, if all else fails, have a little bit of chocolate. :)

  3. Screaming "FUCK!" feels so good! Sometimes, I like to add a "mother" in front & add an "er" at the end of fuck :) Never punch a wall, I had a friend who did that a few months ago... her hand was in a brace for a while. The hole *does* look pretty cool... it's laughable now. I hope you're feeling better! ♥


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