Monday, 12 April 2010

114.Wishes to not wake up to an alarm ringing

Clinging to the last hours of freedom before the chains are bound,and the stresses of school begin once more.


  1. those cupcakes are brilliant!

  2. You are so much fun. Love the melodrama of this pic collection! I remember HATING highschool-so dull. University was a MILLION times better. So hold on!!

  3. oh my god, i LOVE the second photo!! heh, your posts are always super great. :)

  4. Awesome pictures!!!! I totally have to second that "school sucks" for sure!! And those cookie monster cupcakes are freaking hilarious!!!

  5. i love love love these picturess
    i drew the cookie monster cupcakes for one of my art projects

    i foundd your blogg stopped by & read a lil bit

    theres mine , its fresh nothing muchh yet

    but i thought i shouldd promotee to a fellow blogger

    fOllOW ! COMMENT ! PROMOTE ! :) its greatly appreciatedd .


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