Tuesday, 6 April 2010

111.Wishes for hot chocolate

Today I've been drawing skulls for art homework.If it turns out good enough,I might just post it.I actually should post something worthwhile...but haven't got anything to say.I really want to make the most of the rest of this holiday as I really don't like regretting wasted time.Up to now,its been a mixture of highs and lows, and my feelings have been completley confused.Not to mention the horrible sleeping pattern I have gotten into.
Anyways...enough of the grumbling,I am looking foward to a fresh day tommorow.


  1. That is exactly what I feel like! I don't like holidays like these, I feel like I am wasting every minute on my laptop! You are not alone!
    Much love, goodnight!
    izzy x

  2. I also totally understand where you're coming from. I'm also currently on holidays, and I really want to make something of this break.

    Also, you've got a great blog and a freakin' awesome sense of style. I also love your magazine collage wall :)


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