Sunday, 4 July 2010

151.Wishes to be shipwrecked

I had the most amazing weekend(minus sunday,which has been kind of crappy). Spent friday night/saturday morning with some friends for a birthday gathering-these photos were all taken then.The weather was just wonderful,and I finally got to feel free and social,which I've been yearning for a lot with all the schoolwork keeping me busy. We ate cupcakes,laughed a lot,flew kites,stayed up late,ran around,biked,talked,took in fresh air,and just generally had a good time. Ahhh,it's putting a smile on my face right now.
Spent saturday shopping with my mum,and made some great purchases.I'll post up pictures soon. Keep telling myself 3 WEEKS TILL SUMMER,and its pulling me through this last slog of school days.


  1. Great pictures!!
    I love your turn ups/socks/shoes, adds a lot to the amazingness of the first picture.
    You have such pretty eyes & hair! I just love your hair colour. :)

  2. Great picts, loving how dramatic the cupcake pict is ^^
    and told you the socks looked good with your turn up jeans.
    plus 5th pict down is amazing you gotta send me em all ^^


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