Thursday, 8 July 2010

155.Wishes to sleep under the setting sun

The sky last night was the perfect summers sky,and I just had the urge to take some photos of it.Sometimes I think we should all take some time out to appreciate the sky,and the many shades it can be.
Plus if any of you are keeping up with the football,you will see that my last wish came true! :D


  1. that's amazing !
    it looks like the sky was set on fire
    I can't wait for all the stupid cloud cover to go away here

  2. Ah that sunset is gorgeous and so are your photos! These pictures make me miss where I lived in England :/

    Also, they may have won, but they still have Spain to face! Can you guess what team I root for? haha

  3. I love these photos! Whenever I go home to visit, I always end up snapping photos of Lake Michigan, etc...

    HUP HOLLAND HUP!!! My brother & I are rooting for Holland!

  4. that sunset is gorgeous! love your blog :)

    hope you have a good week!



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