Monday, 5 July 2010

153.Wishes to go to the beach

Like I said before,I did some shopping on Saturday....

Vintage shorts from Beasleys.I am in love with these-last year I saw this girl at a vintage fair wearing a pair of shorts,and ever since I have had those shorts fixtated in my mind.I'm in love with them,they are the perfect shade and fit so snuggly around my waist.The lady at Beasleys was kind enough to shorten them to the perfect length!

Tank Top from H&M. It's so light and airy to wear.The buttons are a lovely little detail,even though I didn't like it on the rack.My mum has a good eye for choosing!

Crop top from Topshop. I was in two minds about this one,I loved it but felt it was just a bit too average.In the sense that I would feel like all the girls at school,and not so unique.I know it sounds naive,but do you get what I mean? But I just liked the american theme,and the word cruisin' for some reason,plus I've wanted a crop top for quite a long while.It will be great on the beach!

I've changed the header on my blog temporarily just because the old one was really annoying me for some reason. I'll get round to making a decent one in the summer holidays.Got art homework to do now.


  1. I love your old header! But I've switching mine on my Pale Bella blog... not quite content with it. One can never go wrong with Levi's :)

  2. Love the topshop crop top!
    Wish we would have a topshop here -.-

  3. I love your short! and the new header is real cute:)
    && That's just what I thought about the house, looks like a good place to explore kinda thing..

  4. Those are such summer staple items, and are wonderful choices! I love the crop top, also I know what you mean about everyone having something like that. Its like, even though you may love it and not care about what others think, you still feel a little bit like part of the herd? I could be completely wrong haha! You should try making your own crop top, thats actually one of the projects i'm working on!

    (i'm new around blogspot, and stumbled upon your page and loved your posts and style!)
    -Yaneldys (Outofseasonface)


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