Saturday, 10 July 2010

156.Wishes to get a call

Holy....the beatles did it first.Now that's like a revelation.Not sure which version I prefer. I hope it isn't just me who never knew this? Because I never seem to know these things...and then BAM.and I tell a ton of people,and there like "yeaaah,as if you didn't know"

EDIT- I realise now that I'm super gullible at the worst of times(plus hasty to post). Maybe I was just wishing that it was true,because I think it would of been pretty cool.Ha!


  1. NO WAY!!!!!!! I did not know that. I am in complete and utter shock right now. Wow. Thanks for sharing.


  2. WOW! i didn't know, it's akward listen to this version now!
    cute blogg

    it's just a very precise voice over :) haha
    the beatles did not write..telephone

  4. Agreed with anonymous... they didn't write it.

  5. this is a voice over
    the voices sound nothing like the beatles - they are too yorklshire-ish
    and also, the song has reference to mobile phones such as ' i have got no service in the club' and they didnt have mobile phones untill 80s and the beatles were in the 60s!

  6. Yeah....I discovered later that is was a voice over. haha,I'm so gullible! Maybe its just because I was hoping the beatles had sung it...because that would be kind of cool.

  7. Haha oh jeez, I def. fell for that! I showed a couple of my friends this and they said the same thing to me!


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