Tuesday, 27 July 2010

166.Wishes for a growth spurt

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Just some general appreciation of the beauty that is Frida,who is amongst my favourite models alongside Freja and Bambi.I love her style,and I'm completley envious of her height-I'm still patiently waiting for my growth spurt,but I'm doubting my chances at ever reaching a decent size.I'll be a munchkin for the rest of my days. Plus why do all the models have such interesting names!? I'm sure going to name my kids(if I have any!) exoticly,in hope that it will bring them success.


  1. She is a gorgeous model! I'm 5'10", but lack in the 'lanky, stick thin' category :) if i was having a girl, she would have been a Sophie (maybe spelled with the "f"), but it's so common (I still love the name!) I'm with you on the exotic names... very cool, but I'm not loving Bambi...

  2. I love Frida! She's so stunning... I'm 5'8/9 I think, so quite tall, but I'd like to be taller :)

    And I LOVE interesting names! Despite me wanting to call my son (if I ever have one) Oliver...



  3. munchkins ftw! :)
    and .... getting a holga can be one of your 'one too many wishes' ... and then your wish can come true if you actually get one, which you should, and they are pretty cheap on ebay! x


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